Feels like Love - Aashima & Ekansh



Revisiting the moments of Aashima weds Ekansh, we realised, once again, magic happens. Things went traditionally for them, from an arranged meeting to a full-on family affair. Amid all things traditional, we found the opportunity to fabricate the story of their wedding in the most novel manner, something that stays new, till date, even after four years. 


Aashima and Ekansh were young and in love, very excited to start a new journey together. And we were excited to capture all the beautiful memories and make a dream out of them, a sweet dream, they can revisit as a couple.  


Go Goa and come back a happily married couple, that is what they planned. Along with every perfect person in their lives, they left to make a perfect wedding, a reality. Ekansh's being the first marriage in the family got everyone excited. His father, along with his to-be in-laws, tried and did things so big and so perfectly that the marriage stays in the minds and hearts of everyone till date. Eventually, those 7 days turned out to be 7 lives. 


We tried to blend into the celebration, we were there, yet we did not want to be seen, only because we wanted to capture the people in their most candid moments. Years of experience has taught us, it is always better to surprise people not while capturing them, but while they are watching themselves in the photos and the films. After all these years, this film continues to surprise them and we get their calls telling us that. Our favourite moments from the film are, where the groom’s brother is having so much fun that he accidentally breaks his nose while dancing, and when the groom’s pretty girl-friends couldn’t help gushing over him and the new journey that he’s ready to embark upon.


With the expectations, came a lot of work pressure and we tried our level best to work patiently, understand the emotions overflowing, and make everyone happy and satisfied so that after many years, one fine evening, when they go through the wedding photographs and videos, reminiscing the events, they can’t help but get lost in the memories like they are currently living the moment, again.


With every wedding, we strive to learn and grow.



-  Aayushi Jaiswal 


Written Date

06 Aug, 2019


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