Little Things



Like it is rightly said, matches are made in heaven. Now it’s up to the humans to find their perfect ones.

Kinshuk and Tapas' story started around 4 years back in the beautiful city of Pittsburg. Sometimes when you meet a person for the first time, you connect instantly but can’t grasp it at the moment, and that’s what happens to most of us right?! But as long as everything falls into place as it’s meant to be, it’s all good.

So it was New Year’s eve and Kinshuk was back at her home in Delhi when she received a call from Tapas, and she wasn’t expecting it at all. She picked up the phone and heard Tapas say from the other end how much he is missing her and that he couldn’t imagine a life without her. One heck of a phone call right? And to make it even better on New Year’s eve!

Soon it was Tapas’s birthday and the beautiful couple went out for dinner at Mad Mex. While sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus that would take them back to their respective apartments, Tapas popped the question and we all know the answer to it.

What shined out in their story was the little things they do for their other halves, after all, no happiness like those small moments gives us. 

And so, their story was "Painted in Pittsburg".


- Aayushi Jaiswal


Written Date

07 Aug, 2019


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