‘Choose Thy Love - Love Thy Choice’




What’s meant to be, will happen eventually, right?! Samridhi and Ankit met, spaced out, and met again, and their story has made us believe that soul mates do exist after all. 
An arranged meeting that was meant to be, Samridhi and Ankit first interacted through their families.


If Indian weddings had a highlight, it would be the Sangeet, which carried on till late into the night. The next morning was Haldi, and despite dancing their foot off the previous night, everyone was ready bright and chirpy in time for the ceremony.


We try to capture impromptu clips, surprising people in those small moments of emotions, and hoping whenever they choose to come back and live those moments again through the film, they’ll feel like no time has passed.


- Aayushi Jaiswal



Written Date

08 Aug, 2019


VAR Filmers